AFC-ENG  and its predecessors have been the co-organizers of the following conferences


  • In 2000 in Brussels: Rights to children, a bridge to the future
  • On 18 January 2001 at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam the conference 'A Policy Agenda for the Child'
  • In 2002 in Zeist, The Netherlands: The heart and soul of learning
  • In 2005 in Salzburg: How children learn
  • In 2010 in Budapest: Child in the balance
  • In 2013 in Brussels: The unfolding conference nurturing a culture, that allows each and every child to unfold their unique potential and to engage in society.
  • Two partners of the AFC-ENG, i.e. NIVOZ and the Learning for Well-being Foundation, organized a follow-up to the unfolding conference in Brussels on February 8 and 9 2017 in the Netherlands. The title of the conference was 'Unfolding human potential'.
  • A partner of AFC-ENG, Haukkala Foundation, organised a conference 'For the Best of the Child' in Helsinki on June 15, 2017.


The Chairman and partners of AFC-ENG have also actively participated in conferences organized by its collaborators to learn from each other and promote the mission of the AFC-ENG.


Current plans are to organize Partners' Days

  • to get a deeper understanding of each other's organizations and activities
  • to identify where we can learn from each other's goals and activities
  • to explore how to be more effective in bringing about change in the real world that we all wish to do
  • to detect in which ways can we be more intelligent in our individual and joint efforts and collaborations to fulfill our Mission and Approach