Become a Partner


Adherence to the mission of the AFC-ENG and a commitment to promote (together with one's own organization or activity)


  • the goal of improving the quality of childhood,
  • the well-being of children and
  • the rights of the child as specified in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.




As determined by the turnover of the partner organization for the year before last:

Turnover < € 100,000                              Fee € 500 per year

Turnover € 100,000 - € 500,000          Fee € 1,000 per year

Turnover > € 500,000                             Fee € 2,000 per year

Personal partnership                                Fee € 50 per year


An application for partnership can be sent to the Council via the Chairman (see Contact).

The AFC-ENG welcomes new partners, whether organizations or individuals.