Improving the Quality of Childhood in Europe 2012 (Volume 3)

This publication consists of talks given by a range of experts to the Working Group on the Quality of Childhood (QoC) at the European Parliament during 2010/2011.

Contributors include; Christopher Clouder, Sally Goddard Blythe, Lea Pulkkinen, David Brierley, Dr Aric Sigman, Margaret M Clark OBE, Ilona Kickbusch, Peter van den Hazel, Anne Stauffer, Ezio Perillo and Michiel Matthes.


Editors:  C. Clouder, B. Heys, M. Matthes, & P. Sullivan

Publisher: ECSWE (European Council for Steiner Waldorf Education), East Sussex, UK.

(In collaboration with the Alliance for Childhood European Network Group)


Please see below for downloadable pdf's of the full text:


Introductory Chapter: Being Creative in Troubled Times
By Christopher Clouder, CEO, European Council for Steiner Waldorf Education and Director, Botin Platform for Innovation in Education

QoC Book 2012 Introductory -Chapter

Chapter 1:
The Right to Move: Assessing Neuromotor Readiness for Learning – Why physical development in the early years supports educational success
By Sally Goddard Blythe MSc, FRSA, Director, The Institute for Neurophysiological Psychology (INPP), Chester, UK

QoC Book 2012 Chapter-1

Chapter 2:
The Integrated School Day – improving the educational offering of schools in Finland
By Lea Pulkkinen, Professor Emerita of Psychology, University of Jyväskylä, Finland

QoC Book 2012 Chapter-2

Chapter 3:
Educating The Art of Life: Resilience and Creativity in Contemporary Education
By David L. Brierley, Associate Professor, Rudolf Steiner University College, Oslo, Norway

QoC Book 2012 Chapter-3

Chapter 4:
The Impact of Screen Media on Children: a Eurovision for Parliament
By Dr AricSigman, Fellow of the Society of Biology, Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, Health Education Lecturer

QoC Book 2012 Chapter-4

Chapter 5:
Literacies in and for a Changing World: What is the evidence?
By Professor Margaret M Clark OBE, Visiting Professor Newman University College, Birmingham UK

QoC Book 2012 Chapter-5

Chapter 6:
Learning for Well-being: a policy priority for children and youth in Europe – A movement for change
Authors: IlonaKickbusch, Director of the Global Health Programme at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva with the collaboration of Jean Gordon, Daniel Kropf and Linda O'Toole

QoC Book 2012 Chapter-6

Chapter 7:
Children and Environmental Health
By Peter van den Hazel, M.D., M.P.H, Co-Founder of the International Network on Children's Health, Environment and Safety (INCHES) and Anne Stauffer from the Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL)

QoC Book 2012 Chapter-7

Chapter 8:
The Lisbon Treaty and the Rights of the Child
By EzioPerillo, Director for Legislative Affairs, Legal Service of the European Parliament

QoC Book 2012 Chapter-8

Concluding chapter:
Improving the Quality of Childhood: A learning process on the level of society
By Michiel Matthes, Secretary-General of the Alliance for Childhood European Network and Secretary of the Working Group on the Quality of Childhood at the European Parliament

QoC Book 2012 Concluding-Chapter

Members of the Alliance for Childhood European Network Group

QoC Book 2012 Members-of-the-Alliance-for-Childhood-European-Network-Group