Improving the Quality of Childhood in European Union - Current Perspectives (Volume 1)

published by European Council for Steiner Waldorf Education and the Alliance for Childhood European Network Group 2009/10


Editors:  C. Clouder, B. Heys, & M. Matthes.

Publisher:  ECSWE (European Council for Steiner Waldorf Education), East Sussex, UK.

(In collaboration with the Alliance for Childhood European Network Group)


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QOC Cover

Introductory Chapters:
By Christopher Clouder and Michiel Matthes

COC Introductory chapters


Chapter 1: Changing Condiditons of Childhood by Christopher Clouder
Chapter 2:
The Quality of Childhood: Exploring a Pedagogical View of the Role of Parents by Professor Hans Van Crombrugge
Chapter 3: Education in the European Union - Systemic Changes required by Luc Stevens
Chapter 4: The Experiential Education Project by Professor Dr Ferre Laevers
Chapter 5: The Quality of Child-Adult Relationships in Families and Schools by Jesper Juul

COC Chapter 1-5


Chapter 6: Towards a Canon of Child and Adolescent development and upbringing by Rene FW Diekstra

Chapter 7: How can we improve early childhood education and care systems in Europe? by John Bennett

Chapter 8: How to enable children and adolescents to acquire key competences for the world of the 21st century by Martina Leibovici-Muhlbergers

Chapter 9: The child indicates when it is ready to begin formal learning - How to recognise this moment? by Geske Lundgren 

COC Chapter 6-9

Chapter 10: Attachment, what it is, why it is important and what we can do about it to help young children acquire secure attachment by Sir Richard Bowlby
Chapter 11: The changing face of adolescence by Professor Rene FW Diekstra
Chapter 12: Multiple Intelligences in the knowldege-based society by Professor Steen Hildebrandt

COC Chapter 10-12

Chapter 13: What approach to take to improve the Quality of Childhood in the European Union by Professor Dr Boris Cyrulnik

Chapter 14: Diversity and Equity in Early Childhood Care and Education by Professor Dr Michel Vandenbroeck
Chapter 15: Young children and their services: Developing a European approach by Professor Peter Moss

COC Chapter 13-15



Chapter 16: A vision for children and childhood in the European Union by Michiel Matthes

COC Chapter 16