Dutch ANBI

The name of the organisation: Alliance for Childhood European Network Foundation private stichting


Fiscal identification number in Belgium: 880102675



Michiel Matthes, Chairman of the Board and responsible for the daily operations


Brussels Office:

Troonstraat 194
1050 Brussels, Belgium. 
Tel: +32.(0)473895179


Office in the Netherlands:
Amsterdamseweg 4D
3812 RS, Amersfoort, The Netherlands. 
Tel: +31.33.2852470


Internet: www.allianceforchildhood.eu




The objective of the foundation:

To work on the improvement of the living environment of the child in the member states of the European Union. To realise this objective the following concrete activities are undertaken:

  • to collect information about the quality of the living environment of the child in the member states of the European Union;
  • to publish this information;
  • to analyze this information and on the basis thereof to formulate policy recommendations;
  • to organise workshops and conferences;
  • to facilitate and to stimulate the cooperation of various organisations in the European Union;
  • to do advocacy work in this context;
  • to work on fund raising in this respect.


The Policy Note

Please click here for the current policy note.                               


The Board of the Foundation consists of:

Michiel C. Matthes                                  chairman and responsible for the daily operation.

Ruud Bakhuizen                                       member of the board

Christopher Clouder                                 member of the board.


Remuneration of  Board Members of the Foundation.

The board members do not receive a remuneration for being a board member, neither do they receive a remuneration for attending a board meeting. Travel costs for attending a board meeting can be repaid.


Report of Activities undertaken

Report of Activities in 2016

Report of Activities in 2017


Financial Statement

Financial Statement 2016 

Financial Statement 2017