Expert (QoC) Talks

To regularly hold expert talks in the Working Group on the Quality of Childhood (QoC) in the European Parliament building. This Working Group was set up by the AFC-ENG in 2006 together with the Austrian Member of the European Parliament, Karin Resetarits. The AFC-ENG is helpful to the Members of the Parliament to develop the agenda for the Working Group sessions and to draft the reports of these meetings.


The sessions are hosted by MEPs. So far some thirty MEPs from different parties have hosted these sessions. See the list of these MEPs here


Since December 2006 the Working Group has held six QoC Talks every year in the European Parliament building in Brussels. Currently the Working Group is planning to host three to four QoC Talks per year. Altogether 72 sessions have been held until the beginning of 2019. See the list of the QoC talks here.


The QoC sessions are open for public.  They are announced in the Parliament Building and via a mailing list by the Chairman. The AFC-ENG dispatches the invitation for the expert talks to 1,800 people worldwide and also in this way conveys its mission to interested network partners. Since 2014 the Learning for Well-being Foundation, which is a partner of AFC-ENG, has hosted a more informal discussion session after the parliamentary presentation.