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The AFC-ENG holds two to three meetings each year in Brussels since 2006 in the context of the sessions held by the Working Group on the Quality of Childhood at the European Parliament (Working Group QoC) In the meeting, the members brief each other on their viewpoints and activities, and make plans for the activities of the AFC-ENG such as the expert-talks within the Working Group on the Quality of Childhood in the European Parliament and the QoC publications.


AFC-ENG in relation to other organisations

The AFC-ENG is a network group of NGO's in the member states of the European Union that work on the Quality of Childhood in their own countries or group of countries / specific areas, as well as of individuals who are committed to work on the aims of the AFC-ENG. The activities of the AFC-ENG are complementary to the activities of the members.


AFC-ENG is member of: