The members of the AFC-ENG declare that they share a deep concern about the quality of childhood in the member states. For this reason, they have decided to start to work in concert to improve the 'Quality of Childhood' in the member states of the European Union and beyond.

The members believe that a poor quality of childhood is harmful for children. When society as a whole improves this quality, it will be beneficial for the children and adolescents in question and for the societies in which they grow up. Furthermore, the members believe that a good quality childhood is based on the following principles and attitudes:

• The child is respected as a fellow human being and an actor with his or her own aspirations to develop and unfold his/her inner potential.

• The quality of the relationships of the child with important adults and others is a key element of the quality of his/her childhood and for his/her growth as a human being.

• The quality of childhood also depends on societal, cultural and ecological conditions in which the child lives and which are out of the control of children and their families. Therefore children's well-being and engaging in society have to be considered by implementing Children's Rights in legislation, services and in general in policy making by government, municipalities and the business sector.