Improving the Quality of Childhood in Europe 2013 (Volume 4)

This publication consists of talks given by a range of experts to the Working Group on the Quality of Childhood (QoC) at the European Parliament during 2011/2012.

Contributors include Michiel Matthes, Christopher Clouder, Dr Aric Sigman, Professor Dominique Haumont, Professor Luc Zimmermann, Silke Mader, Maria Kaisa Aula, Dr. Martine Delfos, Lea Pulkkinen, Jan van Gils & Jesper Juul. Edited by Belinda Heys, Michiel Matthes & Patrice Sullivan.


Editors:  by B. Heys, M. Matthes, & P. Sullivan

Publisher: ECSWE (European Council for Steiner Waldorf Education), East Sussex, UK

(In collaboration with the Alliance for Childhood European Network Group)

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Introductory Pages; Front Cover, Introduction and Index


Introductory Chapter 1; Improving the Quality of Childhood in Europe: The social organisation of a grass-roots initiative and its strategy
by Michiel Matthes, Secretary-General, Alliance for Childhood European Network

Introductory Chapter 1


Introductory Chapter 2; Creative Awakenings: Enabling Transformation and Enchantment
by Christopher Clouder, Director, Botin Platform for Innovation in Education

Introductory Chapter 2


Chapter 1: Preventing Alcohol Use Disorders Among Children and Adolescents in the EU
by Dr Aric Sigman, Health Education Lecturer, Fellow of the Society of Biology, Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society

Chapter 1


Chapter 2: The situation and challenges with regard to preterm birth in Europe – Why reducing the incidence of preterm birth matters and the main components needed to successfully address the challenges
by Professor Haumont, Professor Zimmerman and Silke Mader, European Foundation for the Care of Newborn Infants

Chapter 2


Chapter 3: Improving the Quality of Childhood from the Perspective of the Ombudsman for Children in Finland
by Maria Kaisa Aula, Ombudsman for Children, Finland

Chapter 3


Chapter 4: The virtual environment from a developmental perspective
by Dr Martine Delfos, Em Professor TSE/HES The Netherlands, Visiting Professor, International University of Sarajevo and Universidad Central, Quito, Ecuador

Chapter 4


Chapter 5: Goals for the Decade of Childhood 2012-2022, based on Ten Pillars of a Good Childhood: a Finnish Perspective
by Lea Pulkkinen, Professor Em. of Psychology, University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Chapter 5


Chapter 6: Introducing the child friendly city network: One of the most effective programmes in the world today to transform our cities into places of well-being
by Jan van Gils, Co-Founder of the European Network of Child Friendly Cities

Chapter 6

Members of the Alliance for Childhood European Network Group