Improving the Quality of Childhood in Europe, Volume 7








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Book cover, colophon and preface


Chapter 1: Introduction
by Michiel Matthes and Lea Pulkkinen 

Chapter 2: The Duty to Resist: Redefining the Basics for Today's Schools 
by Gert Biesta


Chapter 3: Elham Palestine: An Inclusive Partnership for Systemic Change
by Marwan Awartani and Wahid Jubran


Chapter 4: Democracy Begins with Children's Rights
by Jonathan Levy


Chapter 5: Art Education Promotes the Development of the Child and Society
by Eeva Anttila


Chapter 6: The New Educational Curriculum in Finland
by Irmeli Halinen


Chapter 7: (D)evaluation of Early Childhood Education and Care? A Critique of the OECD's International Early Learning Study
by Mathias Urban


Chapter 8: Toward Media Literacy or Media Addiction? - Contours of Good Governance for Healthy Childhood in the Digital World
by Paula Bleckmann


Chapter 9: Who among Immigrant Youth Do Well and Why? Public Policy Implications of Research into Immigrant Youth Adaptation
by Frosso Motti-Stefanidi


Chapter 10: Concidering the Best Interest of Every Child with a Parent in Prison: An Impossible Task?
by Hannah Lynn


Chapter 11: Collaborations That Work: Lessons from the Health Behaviour in School - Aged Children (HBSC) Study
by Aixa Y Alemán-Díaz


Chapter 12: Children's Worlds in Europe
by Jonathan Bradshaw and Gwyneth Rees


Chapter 13: Reflections on How Recent EU Developments in the Social Field Can Deliver for Children in Europe
by Agata D'Addato


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