Community of People Working on the Quality of Childhood in Europe

TheAlliance for Childhood European Network Group (AFC-ENG) held its first meeting in Brussels in 2006. The founding members were Christopher Clouder and Michiel Matthes. The AFC-ENG is part of a global network of the Alliance for Childhood (see: the Alliance for Childhood in the USAthe Alliance for Childhood in Brazil and in the UK ). AFC-ENG furthermore cooperates closely with the Universal Education Foundation / Learning for Well-being community

The Council of AFC-ENG

The Council is the main policy making body within the organisation. Its members are:


Clara Aerts, Director of IASWECE,
Christopher Clouder, one of the co-founders of the Alliance for Childhood,, UK
Daniel Kropf, the founder and Executive Vice Chair of the Learning for Well-being Foundation,
Michiel Matthes, Co-founder and Chair of the AFC-ENG
Lea Pulkkinen, Chair of the Haukkala Foundation, and her personal home page in Finland.
Nickel van der Vorm, from NIVOZ in the Netherlands,


The Aims of AFC-ENG:

We advocate for the good quality of childhood in the member states of the European Union and beyond. 


The types of activity:

  • To maintain an international community of members (organisations and individuals) who have decided to work on the aims of the AFC-ENG, organise conferences with collaborators and participate in meetings organised by stakeholders with related aims. 
  • To help the Members of the European Parliament to develop an agenda with expert-talks for the Working Group on the Quality of Childhood (QoC) at the European Parliament.


Key results

  • The work has contributed to making the quality of childhood and the well-being of children more important on the political agenda, and encouraged members to work on the aims of the AFC-ENG in their respective geographical areas.
  • More than 51 QoC sessions have been organised at the European Parliament since 2006.
  • Five books have been published in 2010-2015.



Michiel Matthes, Secretary-General of the Alliance for Childhood European Network Group

Tel: +32.(0)2.7622557