Community of People Working on the Quality of Childhood in Europe

TheAlliance for Childhood European Network Group (AFC-ENG) held its first meeting in Brussels in 2006. The founding members were Christopher Clouder and Michiel Matthes. The AFC-ENG is part of a global network of the Alliance for Childhood (see: the Alliance for Childhood in the USAthe Alliance for Childhood in Brazil and in the UK ). AFC-ENG furthermore cooperates closely with the Universal Education Foundation / Learning for Well-being community


Please download the brochure of AFC-ENG here.

The Council of AFC-ENG

The Council is the main policy making body within the organisation. Its members are:


Clara Aerts, Director of IASWECE, Belgium
Christopher Clouder, Co-founder of the Alliance for Childhood, UK
Daniel Kropf, the founder and Executive Vice Chair of the Learning for Well-being Foundation
Michiel Matthes, Co-founder and Chair of the Alliance for Childhood European Network Group
Lea Pulkkinen, Professor emerita at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland, Chair of the Haukkala Foundation
Nickel van der Vorm, from NIVOZ, Netherlands


The Aims of AFC-ENG:

We advocate for the good quality of childhood in the member states of the European Union and beyond. 


The types of activity:

  • To maintain an international community of members (organisations and individuals) who have decided to work on the aims of the AFC-ENG, organise conferences with collaborators and participate in meetings organised by stakeholders with related aims. 
  • To help the Members of the European Parliament to develop an agenda with expert-talks for the Working Group on the Quality of Childhood (QoC) at the European Parliament.


Key results

  • The work has contributed to making the quality of childhood and the well-being of children more important on the political agenda, and encouraged members to work on the aims of the AFC-ENG in their respective geographical areas.
  • More than 51 QoC sessions have been organised at the European Parliament since 2006.
  • Five books have been published in 2010-2015.



Michiel Matthes, Secretary-General of the Alliance for Childhood European Network Group

Tel: +32.(0)2.7622557