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Ethical Boundaries

AFC-ENG is aware that the quality of the living environment of the child is not optimal in all cases. AFC-ENG is taking steps to improve this situation and is observing the following guidelines in this respect:

• The starting point is respect for the other human being or organization.
• When the AFC-ENG finds out that individuals or organizations are behaving in such a way that it is damaging for children in one way or another, then we may take action as fellow human beings.
• AFC-ENG will take a step-by-step approach.
The first task will be to obtain a clear understanding of the situation and to report on it.
• The next step is to look for other, comparable situations and organizations that have already found a solution to the situation as described above and to present it to the stakeholders concerned.
• AFC-ENG works with the method of trial and error and in a dialogue with the stakeholders concerned.
• It is more important for the AFC-ENG to get the philosophy right than to rush things and try to achieve a quick fix.

AFC-ENG will try to contribute to a process of improvement in the quality of childhood by convincing the general public, the stakeholders concerned and the ordinary political parties on local, regional, national and European level to perceive the environment of the child in a new way and to take action in accordance with this.

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